Wembley to Soweto

Wembley to Soweto, originated at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa as a result of a collaboration between actor/producer David Westhead, international photographer John Cole and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Kweku Mandela, and is now a global initiative. It provides underprivileged youngsters with photographic technique and professional skills, as well as mentoring and on-the-ground experiences. Youngsters train as photojournalists to tell their stories of their world and they go on to achieve many and varied things as a direct result of the confidence and life-skills that they acquire.

Achievements to date range from the youngsters being chosen as official press photographers for stadium concerts, film premieres and Premier League Football Clubs to being awarded scholarships for further photographic study and given extensive media coverage, as well as receiving an invitation to The Buckingham Palace garden party!

The initiative has celebrity support and has received coverage on and off line, on national radio, TV and in the press.


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